Unique Patented Technology

Provectus Biofuels has acquired an exclusive Canadian Development License for a unique and efficient patented process to convert logging waste materials into a drop-in, Renewable-carbon gasoline.

The process allows Provectus Biofuels to convert various types of biomass waste materials including logging waste and residues to gasoline – cleaner and more economically than hydrocarbons can be extracted and refined from underground!

This innovative technology also provides a pathway for companies such as Shell Oil, Exxon Oil, Husky Oil, and many others to achieve the climate objectives set forth in global conventions such as the Paris Accord, and COP26. Provectus will be one of the first to provide Gasoline which will meet to the BC governments “Low Carbon Fuels Standard” (LCFS), the Californian LCFS program and the Canadian Clean Fuel Standard (CFS). With this patented process Provectus is well positioned to be the leader in the transitional fuels market for decades to come.

The Provectus technology is an innovation in process design. The process combines equipment from well-known, established suppliers in a sequence which optimizes their efficiency. Each supplier has been directly involved with the design and selection of their equipment to provide a smooth, efficient step in the process. The result is maximum conversion of the feedstock into the highest yield of high-octane, renewable, drop-in gasoline. No further refining is required.

Our Patented process will result in a finished gasoline which is engine-ready, clean-burning, and carbon-saving.  Provectus synthetic gasoline will boast of having la ower carbon Intensity (CI) score than ethanol mixtures can match, it will have an amazing CI score of 28 with gray hydrogen.

The BC Low Carbon Fuel Standards (LCFS) mandates gasoline to have a CI of 70 CI by 2030. In British Columbia conventional refinery gasoline has a CI of 88, so 1 litre of our gasoline blended with 1.9 litres of refinery gasoline will produce 2.9 litres with a CI of 70 – our renewable low carbon fuel in accordance with the BC LCFS standards.

Provectus Biofuels Inc

Provectus renewable low carbon gasoline has no ethanol. It is 87 octane and it has ultra-low benzene’s and Zero Sulfur. it is an excellent product that is safe for the environment.

The process steps are simple and commercially-proven by well known suppliers.

Step 1:             The waste material is prepared for processing, according to its moisture content and size.

Step 2:             The prepared waste is gasified to produce synthesis gases, the building blocks of the gasoline.

Step 3:             The synthesis gases are catalytically converted into high octane gasoline.

Step 4:             Water is removed from the gasoline, which is then ready for shipping to the blender for immediate use.  No further processing is required.

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