Larry Melnichuk

Larry Melnichuk

Advisory Board Member

Education:  B.Sc. Honors, Applied Science and Genetics, York University, 1984

Professional Affiliation:  American Chemical Association

Larry graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Applied Science and Genetics (Cum Laude) from York University, Toronto, in 1985.  He has spent over 30 years in the sustainable energy industry, including roles in chemical process design, project development, scientific research, and corporate governance.  Larry’s technical skills include working with AutoCad, Unisim, and AspenOne (formerly HYSYS).

Since 1990 Larry has been involved in the process development and patenting of several industrial and renewable waste disposal technologies.  These include the patented conversion of rubber tires into chemicals (BTX), using world’s first atmospheric plasma gas conversion, and a novel liquid catalyst.  A bench model was built in New Liskeard, Ontario, followed by a pilot in Vaughan, Ontario.  The pilot was equipped with on-line gas real-time sampling for analysis with an HP Gas Chromatograph.

Larry then focused on the process design and patenting of the synthesis of acetic acid, formaldehyde and vinyl acetate monomer from synthesis gas produced from renewable sources.  He designed and patented a three-stage process for sludge (biosolids) disposal.  He went on to the process design and patenting of the synthesis of ethanol from synthesis gas from renewable sources.  The pilot for the process was constructed at the bio-industrial park in Sarnia, Ontario in 2010, which is operational and successfully demonstrates the process. 

Since 2008 Larry has also designed and patented the conversion of synthesis gas from organic sources into gasoline range hydrocarbons.  He completed catalyst testing studies at the University of Western Ontario (RECAT), and the University of Kentucky (CAER) to evaluate the efficacy of proprietary vs commercial gasoline catalysts. Larry continues to refine the process, and has a patent-pending to include recycled carbon dioxide as a yield enhancement.  Larry has also designed and patented a process for the efficient solvent extraction of compounds from plant material (including cannabis sp.).  Most recently, Larry has designed a process to reform carbon dioxide with methane and the conversion of the synthesis gas into fuels, a technology which is now patent-pending and the focus of his current work. 

Larry’s experience has been in Canada with Lawrence Plasma Research Laboratory, Woodland Biofuels, CORE Biofuel, Infinity Biofuels, Rainforest Energy, PetPharm Research Laboratory and currently, Infusion Energy.  The development of Larry’s technology has been supported by various government agencies, which have included:  FedNor; Scientific Research & Experimental Development (1991 – 2011); Ontario Innovation Fund; Sustainable Development Technology Canada;  FedDev Ontario; Ontario Capital Growth Corporation; Ontario Ministry of Research and Innovation; Bioindustrial Innovation Canada; Natural Resources Canada; and the Sustainable Chemistry Alliance.