Market Opportunity

You have probably read or may have heard that the Canadian Government has been promoting their latest position on green energy – meaning all oil companies will soon have to become greener and more Eco-friendly! Even more telling is that the Canadian Government has recently announced that it will be reducing and potentially eliminating all future financing and incentives for fossil fuel companies. This has the immediate effect of redirecting all these resources toward Renewable fuel companies such as Provectus Biofuels.

The latest government initiative will have a significant impact on all traditional gasoline fuel suppliers in our country. Canada has enacted new CFS (Clean Fuel Standards), which requires continual reduction in the Carbon Intensity (“CI”) of fuels.  The CI of gasoline currently produced by oil refiners can only be lowered with the addition of ethanol, which has a limit of how  much can be added before engine changes are needed – this is called a “Blend Wall”.

This new CFS initiative will force all traditional gasoline suppliers to look at other ways to successfully lower the CI scores. Which is why Provectus will offer our green gasoline solution, which can be blended seamlessly in ANY quantity to achieve the target CI. There are no current producers of renewable gasoline in Canada – so this is an enormous opportunity!

Provectus Biofuels Inc

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