About Us

Provectus Biofuels Inc

Provectus Biofuels Inc.  is a clean energy technology developer incorporated in British Columbia. We integrate our licensed patented process technology with proven advancements in infrastructure to build projects at commercial scale to achieve the cleanest most environmentally friendly gasoline on planet earth.

Our advanced biochemical process meets the demand for transitional fuel technologies which will be required in order to surpass 2030 Climate Mitigation targets and meet the new 2050 goals. These goals have spurred the largest petrochemical companies in the world to massively invest into this type of renewable technology in efforts to achieve them.

Governments, First Nations and end consumers can be proud to lead the way utilizing current infrastructure along with numerous climate incentives as the world transitions to a fully green economy.

The BC government is leading the way into the transitional fuels market with the CleanBC Act which  was passed in 2008 and then enacted in 2010. This Act produced a number of mandates, regulations and incentives that is now recognized under the BC Low Carbon Fuel Standard or the BC LCFS.  It has already had a significant impact by creating framework which all fuel suppliers have to work under. The Federal government of Canada also launched their Clean Fuel Standard regulations this year.

Under these new Standards all fuel suppliers of gasoline and diesel products MUST comply with the new regulations. The imposition of these Standards have created an enormous opportunity for Provectus Biofuels.

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